Toota Toota

Toota Toota

50 Episodes

"A collection of short stories in cartoon, each with a nice song that addresses children in early childhood...
Each of the stories of ""Tota Tota"" is like a flower whose perfume transmits educational life values and noble morals.
The simplicity of the pictures and the language of the dialogue harmonize with the idea and music to enrich the imagination of children and enhance their knowledge with information related to their daily lives."

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Toota Toota
  • Uncle Jad's pumpkin

    Episode 1

    Uncle Jad put his round hat on his head, and went to check on the crops, and what a misfortune! He found something strange in his field! The merchant is about to arrive and uncle Jad is worried.. It is definitely not going to be a normal day

  • Where are my plants?

    Episode 2

    The children at school loved to study farming, and they planted some crops. The plants grew in the pots of Mary and John, but they did not grow in the pots of Tala and Dani.. Where are they then?

  • The worm house

    Episode 3

    Everything changed in an instant. Books, toys, and pictures disappeared from the worm house. Who is responsible for that? What is the solution?

  • The skilled hunter

    Episode 4

    The little tiger, tiny, was severely disturbed and had a strange adventure that it did not expect, all this was for the sake of having a nice meal happily and blissfully

  • Where are the chicks

    Episode 5

    Don asked his friend Chicky about its brothers, for he had only seen eggs in the nest. Many funny questions that came to Bulbul's mind on this day that was full of surprises

  • Sammy's present

    Episode 6

    Our friend Sammy went to the market. His grandmother asked him to buy some simple things and gave him some money. However, this will not be an ordinary day for him because it will be full of surprises

  • Luna's house

    Episode 7

    Luna has big dreams and lots of friends. It also has a new house underwater. A nice adventure with the fish Luna

  • Lucy's medicine

    Episode 8

    Unfortunately, Lusy is ill, and so that she quickly recovers and participates in the school party, she made a very dangerous decision

  • Healy's dress

    Episode 9

    weather is cloudy and stormy. Many surprises in the story of haly who is waiting for her new dress

  • I love the way I look

    Episode 10

    The little giraffe with its long neck, Tatiana, and the little monkey with its long arms, Dido, participate in a school competition. This is not going to be easy.

  • A strange house

    Episode 11

    Lorna said: Rita's house is strange, and Rita said: Lorna's house is strange. Funny details and exciting events in a short visit.

  • I love honey

    Episode 12

    The little bear, Laura, enjoys eating delicious honey, but it does not know where it comes from. A small step with a big risk. What awaits Laura on this trip

  • Clean Dean

    Episode 13

    Dean has a problem to which he does not know the solution. This problem bothers him very much. What he does not know is that the solution is very easy and in his hands

  • The three clowns

    Episode 14

    The three clowns wanted to give their friend mary a present...something round, square, or triangular? Different shapes and different ideas in a funny episode

  • The town train

    Episode 15

    The train driver was in a hurry, so he drove the train through the plains and meadows until he reached a detour, and here the confusion began.

  • Let us dance together

    Episode 16

    Rawaa, the swan, wins the swan dance competition every year, but this year, there is a new competition ahead of it. A heated ambience and more beautiful swan dancing

  • An extraordinary worm

    Episode 17

    I am not an ordinary worm, that is what Didi told its friends.. they never believed it. One day Didi disappeared, and they started looking for it but they could not find it anywhere, so where did it go?

  • At the lake

    Episode 18

    What is the hippopotamus doing in the market? .. The hippopotamus did not go to the market, Kory did. That is not true? What is the truth then?

  • Colored wool balls

    Episode 19

    A thread here, a thread there, a great web of threads, in which Adam's cat got stuck... a predicament that must be resolved.

  • Fay is counting

    Episode 20

    One, two, three,…Fay is a cute worm who loves to count, and she used to count everything she sees. The beetle was bored with it, but it did not expect what would happen

  • Who ate Zara's vegetables?

    Episode 21

    Zara and her grandmother were amazed at how the vegetables they were planting keep disappearing..There must be a plan, patience, and waiting.

  • rosy
    Episode 22


    Episode 22

    Mrs. Jemi is very busy and does not know that rosy, the rose, is in danger. A big problem and the solution seems out of reach for two little bees.

  • The ordinary street

    Episode 23

    An abandoned house on an ordinary street, anyone who visits it, finds chaos, dust, and spiders. A new family arrives to visit it, what will their opinion be?

  • Donny and his friends

    Episode 24

    Welcome! you are welcome my friend.. you too.. and you... Donny, the bear, is very generous, and it has a big chair, very big, how many friends could this chair fit?