Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak

16 Episodes

"The time is the month of Ramadan, the place is our globe, and the star is the moon that tells us the events about Ramadan in different countries of the world. ""Ramadan Kareem"" is a series that aims to
endearing children to fasting and the blessed month of Ramadan. Also, teaching them some behaviors and morals in a simplified style by using beautiful and cute cartoons."

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Ramadan Mubarak
  • A message to Dany

    Episode 1

    On the first day of Ramadan, while the moon was checking on children around the world, it found a girl planning something, she left a piece of paper and a sticker on her brother DANY’s door. A nice episode at the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan.

  • Taraweeh prayer/ Take me with you

    Episode 2

    "The moon watched the little child (DANY) while he was wearing his most beautiful clothes and looking happy.
    He was getting ready to go with his father, but where did they want to go? Nice episode and useful information"

  • Honesty / Whose toy is this?

    Episode 3

    On this warm day, the moon wandered across the country and was happy to see the children playing in the club's garden. The moon noticed that (Danny) felt pain in his stomach, but as soon as (Sara) went to seek help, something strange happened...

  • My anonymous friend

    Episode 4

    "Every fasting person is waiting for sunset in the blessed month of Ramadan to have his meal. Really! all of them? Certainly not. The moon says that many fasting people cannot eat at that time, why?
    In this episode, we will know who these anonymous friends are, and what keeps them from breakfasti...

  • Dany wants more

    Episode 5

    Dany had a good breakfast, but he wanted to eat more, so he sneaked into the kitchen and opened the fridge, but... Hey Dany! Little Moon has a piece of advice.

  • The present

    Episode 6

    Dany took his money and went to buy an entertaining toy. He had been waiting for this moment for a while, but a box in front of the store made him change his mind...a special adventure on one of the days of Ramadan.

  • A sound before dawn

    Episode 7

    Sara was a sleep and having sweet dreams when she heard a loud sound, she woke up and hurried to open the window. Sara wants to know who is walking outside at this late hour.

  • The good role model

    Episode 8

    One day in Ramadan, Dany noticed that his little sister imitated him in all his actions. If he played, she would play, if he drew, she would draw, and if he ate, she would also eat.. «Why does she do that?» Dany asked himself. Did his behavior change when he knew the answer?

  • A visit and a blessing

    Episode 9

    "The moon has become full and still accompanies us on a beautiful journey every night of Ramadan. Today's journey was special and full of good deeds and blessings.
    To find out where Dany and his mother went, we will watch the events of this sweet episode."

  • The Holy Qur'an recitation

    Episode 10

    "A tear fell silently from the eye of Dany's grandmother, Dany was sad to see that. But can a little boy relieve his grandmother's sadness?
    Our friend the Moon says: ""Yes, certainly"". In this episode we will know how Dany helped his grandmother and we will learn from him how to spread joy."

  • Dany's basket

    Episode 11

    A new day in the blessed month of Ramadan, on which Dany bought many kinds of food and carried them in the shopping basket. Is it all for him? An episode full of surprises and good deeds.

  • A huge table

    Episode 12

    Saleh spotted a poor child on his way home, and started thinking about him: "where does he live, what does he eat, and how can he help him??". In this episode a huge table of food and a fun adventure on a day in Ramadan.

  • A piece of sweet

    Episode 13

    "Dany toured with his father in one of the last ten nights of the holy month of Ramadan. On the way, the father stopped for something, Dany saw him.. And so did the little moon..
    In this nice episode we will know what the moon saw and what happened."

  • Me too
    Episode 14

    Me too

    Episode 14

    After it had been a full moon, the moon returned to a small crescent, but this did not prevent it from carrying out its daily trips and participating with the children of the world in the month of Ramadan. Will the little boy (Eid) back down from performing the duties that he learned during this ...

  • Spreading the joy

    Episode 15

    "Why is Sara crying? What is wrong with her doll? Her brother (Dany) is coming to help her, but... why does he want a needle and thread?
    Come on! Let us watch this cute episode with the little moon."

  • A night worth more than a 1000 months

    Episode 16

    Maryam woke up suddenly from her sleep and washed her face, hands, and feet. Did she suffer from insomnia? A very special matter preoccupies those who are fasting on this blessed night of Ramadan.