My Pillars-prayer

My Pillars-prayer

13 Episodes

The narrator explains the basic provisions, Sunnahs, and teachings upon which prayer is based. This enables the child to correctly perform this pillar of faith, and encourages him/her to commit to it.

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My Pillars-prayer
  • The ablution (Wudu)

    Episode 0

    Before praying we have to prepare ourselves by good ablution. The stages, sequence, and steps of wudu in this episode.

  • Clothing of prayer

    Episode 2

    After the ablution and preparing for prayer, both the men and women must wear appropriate clothing. We will learn about the conditions of appropriate clothing for prayer in this episode.

  • The place of prayer

    Episode 3

    To which direction does the Muslim turn in prayer and what is the appropriate place for prayer. Simple and important details in this episode.

  • The time

    Episode 4

    We hear the muezzin and know that it is time for prayer. What are the best times to pray and how many times a day does a Muslim pray?

  • The Fajr prayer (The morning prayer)

    Episode 5

    When is the time for Fajr prayer and how many rakats is it? How do we pray the first prayer of the day?

  • The Dhuhr prayer (the noon prayer)

    Episode 6

    When is the time for the noon prayer, how many rakats is it, and how do we pray it. We will find out in this episode.

  • The Asr prayer (The afternoon prayer)

    Episode 7

    How do we pray the Asr prayer and how many rakats is it? In this episode, we will learn how to perform the Asr prayer.

  • The Maghrib prayer (The after sunset prayer)

    Episode 8

    What do we pray after sunset? It is the Maghrib prayer and consists of three rakats. Let us learn it in this episode.

  • The Isha prayer (The evening prayer)

    Episode 9

    Isha prayer is the last prayer of the day or the fifth prayer. How many rakats are there, how many rakats are obligatory, and how many rakats of the Sunnah that our noble Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, urged us to do.

  • The Witr prayer

    Episode 10

    It is three rakats of prayer that we pray after the evening prayer.

  • Supplication

    Episode 11

    Oh Allah, help us to thank you, remember you, worship you well, and accept our obedience. Praying after prayer relaxes the soul and the heart.

  • The prayer pillars

    Episode 12

    In this episode, we recall the number of daily prayers, their names, and the number of rakats for each of them.

  • Praying correctly

    Episode 13

    In this episode, we recall the appropriate preparations for performing the prayer, such as ablution, checking the time, clothing, cleanliness, and others.