My Fasting

My Fasting

13 Episodes

The narrator explains the basic provisions, Sunnahs, and teachings upon which fasting is based. This enables the child to correctly perform this pillar of faith, and encourages him/her to commit to it.

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My Fasting
  • my fasting

    Episode 1

    What is fasting and how does a Muslim fast?

  • The Month of Ramadan

    Episode 2

    Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic year. It is when the Muslims fast.

  • The meal before fasting (Suhoor)

    Episode 3

    What time does fasting begin? What is the meal before fasting and how do we prepare for fasting?

  • iftar

    Episode 4

    Before fasting we eat suhoor and after fasting we eat breakfast. What time? What is the best thing to start with? We will know in this episode.

  • inviting others for iftar

    Episode 5

    In Ramadan, we enjoy the presence of guests at the breakfast table, and invitations are also abound in this holy month.

  • Things That Do Not Invalidate our Fast

    Episode 6

    What should a Muslim do if he/she eats or drinks something during the month of Ramadan forgetting that he/she is fasting? What about eye drops and other things?

  • Things that Invalidate our fasting

    Episode 7

    How is fasting valid? What are the things that can break the fast? We will get to know some of them in this episode.

  • Who is allowed not to fast ?

    Episode 8

    Although fasting the month of Ramadan is obligatory for every Muslim, there are exceptions. Some people are allowed to break their fast in Ramadan.

  • Making up days missed in Ramadan

    Episode 9

    What should a Muslim do if he/she is forced to break the fast some days in Ramadan for a justified reason? There is a simple and convenient solution.

  • Types Of Fasting

    Episode 10

    In addition to the month of Ramadan, there are days when fasting is recommended, so what are these days? and what are the white days?

  • Recommended Actions in Ramadan

    Episode 11

    Doing good is one of the most beloved deeds to Allah. Good deeds are increased in Ramadan along with their rewards.

  • Tarawih prayers

    Episode 12

    Tarawih prayer in Ramadan is one of the things that brings people together and unites their hearts, so what is it and when will it be?

  • Eid al-Fitr

    Episode 13

    How do we know that the month of Ramadan ended and the month of Shawwal began? What do we do after Ramadan? May you be good every year!