Hala's Advice

Hala's Advice

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“Hala” is a young girl who introduces children to healthy food, its types, and the healthy rules of eating in a simple and attractive way. In every episode of her program, “Hala” explains to children the nutrients important to human health such as vitamins, miniral salts, and minerals, shows them the types of foods that contain them, and teaches them food etiquette.

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Hala's Advice
  • Plastic everywhere

    Episode 1

    I keep bread in a plastic bag, I put food in a plastic box too, because it doesn't break. Hala says that you can use plastic, but with attention.

  • Inedible food

    Episode 2

    Food is a blessing from God, and we should not throw it away, but! We must pay attention when food is rotten.. How do we distinguish rotten food? This is what Hala will tell us about in this episode.

  • Hot pepper - Spices

    Episode 3

    My mother sprinkls salt on the food, and another thing, too. My mother says it is spices. What is the benefits of spices? What is "the joy of the mountains"? Our friend Hala has the answer.

  • A special kind of lily - Garlic

    Episode 4

    I know garlic because of its unpleasant smell. Could this plant have unique beneficial properties? How can we gain its benefits and lose its smell? Let's listen to Hala's opinion!

  • Dry vegetables

    Episode 5

    What are dry vegetables? How to eat them? Is it really as beneficial as meat? Let's follow this episode of Hala's advice to know more about this delicious food.

  • The magical liquid - Vinegar

    Episode 6

    A liquid is extracted from apples, grapes, or even dates, which is useful in cooking, sterilization, treatment, etc. Is it magic? It is definitely not magic. Hala will tell us about it in this episode.

  • The friend of flour - Yeast

    Episode 7

    Are flour and water enough to make bread? Hala says: There is a useful substance that we must add to the flour first. What is this substance? And what are its benefits? Hala will tell us in this delicious episode.

  • Olive juice -vegetable oils

    Episode 8

    In this episode, Hala talks about a liquid that we extract from olives, corn, sunflowers, and palms too. This liquid is very beneficial for human health, except for one type of it. Let's watch together.

  • White gold - sugar

    Episode 9

    We love sugar, but a lot of it is harmful. Is there a type of sugar that is less harmful? What is the alternative to it? Hala will tell us in this episode.

  • Thorns but... - Cactus

    Episode 10

    A plant full of tough thorns grows in the desert, tolerates heat and thirst, yet offers us delicious and beneficial food. Hala recommends us to eat it.

  • Honey... Honey

    Episode 11

    We know where honey comes from, and we know that it is very beneficial... What about the colors of honey? Hala will tell us about them. Hala always tells us something new.

  • Under the sun-dried fruit

    Episode 12

    Have you heard of drying fruit? Why do we dry it? In this episode, we will learn more. Hala will tell us about a special type of dried fruit.

  • The crow nest - Mushrooms

    Episode 13

    Bird's nests are not edible, but the crow nest is a plant we all know. Hala will tell us about it in this useful episode.

  • White... Black... Golden - Wheat

    Episode 14

    I saw an old picture of a round shaped stone used to grind wheat. How is wheat ground nowadays? What are its types and benefits? Hala will give us useful advice about wheat.

  • Don't consume too much of me - carbonated drinks

    Episode 15

    Soft drinks are delicious, but we do not know what they are made of, and whether they are beneficial for us or not? A special episode of Hala's advice, in which we will know more facts about soft drinks.

  • Oily fruit - Nuts

    Episode 16

    What is the oily fruit? What is its benefit? How, when and how much to eat them? Come on, Hala! We are waiting for your information and advice in this episode.

  • From land and sea - Salt

    Episode 17

    Salt on dishes is like falling snow. Did you know that the human need for salt differs from one person to another. Hala's advice is very useful.

  • The Era Of Speed

    Episode 18

    Hala says that fast food is almost devoid of benefits, and she invites us to eat some delicious and useful food, Let's go…

  • How to drink?-drinking manners

    Episode 19

    How do we drink water, juice, and milk? It is certainly easy. However, there is an etiquette for that. Did you know the etiquette of drinking? Let's watch Hala's advice to learn these etiquette.

  • Invitation to eat -guest manners

    Episode 20

    What do we do when someone invites us to eat? How and when do we eat? Helpful advice from Hala.

  • Table manners-Eating Manners

    Episode 21

    What happens when we eat too fast? What happens when we overeat? Hala explains the best way to eat.

  • Fresh - Fibers

    Episode 22

    Which is better, natural oranges or orange juice? Which one is more beneficial? Why? Hala likes to explain everything to us, and she will tell us the correct answer in this nice episode.

  • For you-unhealthy eating habits

    Episode 23

    Can we eat anytime? Can we eat anything? What about drinking? In this episode, our friend Hala gives us very important advice that will help protect us from pain and discomfort.

  • Break-Benefits of fasting

    Episode 24

    Did you know that many creatures stop eating for a while so that their stomach has a break and their body gain energy again? In this episode, Hala will tell us about the benefits of fasting and the best foods for a healthy iftar. Let's go with Hala!