Hala's Advice

Hala's Advice

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“Hala” is a young girl who introduces children to healthy food, its types, and the healthy rules of eating in a simple and attractive way. In every episode of her program, “Hala” explains to children the nutrients important to human health such as vitamins, miniral salts, and minerals, shows them the types of foods that contain them, and teaches them food etiquette.

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Hala's Advice
  • Listen to my heart - Potassium

    Episode 1

    Our heart beats regularly. Is there a tambourine or drum to help it set the rhythm? Hala will explain to us in this episode.

  • Salt or metal? - Iron

    Episode 2

    We breathe oxygen from the air, but how does oxygen reach all the cells of our bodies? Please tell us about it all in this episode, Hala!

  • A delicious meal - Zinc

    Episode 3

    Hala advised us to eat a meal of shrimps, oysters, and fish, and she told us about wheat grains. A food rich in beneficial mineral salt.

  • In the store - Selenium

    Episode 4

    Different foods are on each shelf of the store there. Today, our friend Hala bought foods that help revitalize the body and protect it from oxidation.

  • Goodbye cramps - Sodium

    Episode 5

    Hala said: Today, there is salty food in my basket, but it is very beneficial and prevents muscle cramps. Do you want to know what is in the basket of Hala today?

  • Smile! - Fluoride

    Episode 5

    For a bright smile and strong body, we need a mineral salt that is beneficial for bones and teeth. Advise us, Hala! In what food do we find this mineral salt?

  • Chicken, fish, and meat - Phosphorous

    Episode 7

    A sound mind in a sound body, and a sound body in a healthy food. Hala knows everything about beneficial food. Today, she will tell us some important information.

  • All this and more - Calcium

    Episode 8

    Milk is very beneficial because it contains calcium that strengthens bones, but that is not all. There is a lot of information that Hala will tell us.

  • Matches without fire - Sulfur

    Episode 9

    We do not touch sulfur, knowing that it causes fire, but the sulfur in our bodies is of another kind. Hala will explain everything to us in this episode.

  • Hazelnut on the table - Chrome

    Episode 10

    On the table are some hazelnuts, pistachios, and cashews. Is this a good food? Hala will tell us about that in this episode.

  • Rich food - Magnesium

    Episode 11

    Dates, raisins, dried figs, and other types of food that have a very useful mineral salt in common. What is this mineral salt? Let's see!

  • Hala's Basket - Copper

    Episode 12

    Today, we will go with Hala to the store, and we will buy all the foods she bought. Hala's tips are useful, healthy and very tasty, too. So, let's go!

  • I am active - Iodine

    Episode 13

    How beautiful is movement, vitality and play, and how beautiful it is to choose from delicious foods what helps us to maintain our health and vitality. Come on, Hala! Advise us how to do that?