Golden Words

Golden Words

2 Seasons

The program aims to endear children with the prophetic tradition, help them memorize twenty-five selected traditions, and teach them how to apply them in different life situations. These traditions deal with the ethical and behavioral aspects of the believer’s life and are presented through situations that happen to the child Hamza with his family and friends.

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Golden Words
  • The clean Hamza

    Episode 1

    Hamza cares about his hygiene and the cleanliness of his home, but does he also care about cleanliness outside the home? How is that?

  • A Date

    Episode 2

    Hamza fasted the whole day and sat waiting for the Maghrib call to prayer to start his meal with his family. What kind of food would eat first?

  • I am successful

    Episode 3

    "Hamza studied hard, as he is smart and diligent, but the intelligent person must-have qualities that are no less important than diligence."

  • Believers

    Episode 4

    "A neighbor orders medicine from Hamza's father's pharmacy. This is how the episode started, how did the events follow? And what did Hamza learn?"

  • True or False?

    Episode 5

    On his way to the garden, Hamza tried to ask his friend to accompany him. He called him and knocked on the door... Come on Hamza... Try again

  • Broken Toy

    Episode 6

    Hamza felt sad when he broke the door of his small car, and his warm-caring sister empathized with him and then pursued her work, so did he forget about the car?

  • Accident

    Episode 7

    The little sister's noise caused Hamza's tension, and he asked her to calm down, but she is little and do not pay attention and here the problem began.

  • It is time

    Episode 8

    On the first day of the summer holiday, Hamza received a gift from his parents. A beautiful gift which he was waiting for.

  • Good Word

    Episode 9

    Hamza and his friend saw a hard-working worker. Hamza remembered him because he had seen him before and wanted to help him. How can he help him?

  • Who do I choose?

    Episode 10

    Hamza was bored sitting in the garden, and he do not like to play alone. His mother encouraged him to meet a new friend and play with him. Which new friend would he choose?

  • Quarrel

    Episode 11

    Hamza quarrels with his sister while tasting some dates. Was dates a cause of quarrel or something else?

  • Paper and Pen

    Episode 12

    Hamza was drawing when his sister approached to paint with him, but the misunderstanding played a role in the quarrel outbreak. How did it end?

  • For an apple

    Episode 13

    Amna saw the delicious apple and wanted to eat one, but she had to wash her hands first; That's what her mother told her. But the task was not as easy as it seemed.

  • On The Ground

    Episode 14

    Hamza did not throw the banana peel on the land. If the peel is not his, then the land is his and everyone who passes through here.

  • Curiosity

    Episode 15

    While playing with his sister, Hamza hears his mother's talk with her friend on the phone. Their words arouse his curiosity, and he wants to know more.

  • Who and what?

    Episode 16

    A man is sitting next to Hamza in the park with many things. A picture in a book raises many questions, so does Hamza have the right to ask?

  • Two friends

    Episode 17

    Hamza met his friend Ali on the way, and he was carrying many things. Hamza wanted to go to the park with Ali, but Ali was busy.

  • Sandwich in the park

    Episode 18

    It's lunchtime; Hamza is in the park with a delicious sandwich and healthy food. The perfect atmosphere to enjoy a delicious meal. But it will become more delicious soon.

  • Today's lesson

    Episode 19

    Hamza has finished his homework after a long day at school, and it's time to play. Ali called to ask about today's lessons. A normal question, but it changed Hamza's plans

  • Beautiful

    Episode 20

    Amna looks beautiful today; she is happy with her clothes, hair, and shoes and always wishes to look this good. Does the sound of a little girl's crying change her wish?

  • Come on visit

    Episode 21

    Amina looks beautiful in her clean clothes and elegantly styled hair, and she is preparing to visit her grandmother and wants to see her in the most beautiful; What is the most beautiful looking?

  • Incredible surprise

    Episode 22

    While Amna was playing quietly, Hamza was preparing a prank that was funny to him and horrific for her. Is this kind of joke amusing?

  • Three
    Episode 23


    Episode 23

    When Hamza was playing in the park with his two friends, something seemingly simple but annoying in reality happened, especially among friends. Let's learn with Hamza.

  • Favor
    Episode 24


    Episode 24

    Food is one of God's favors. Amna likes some types of food and does not like others, but what is the correct behavior at the dining table?