Golden Words

Golden Words

2 Seasons

The program aims to endear children with the prophetic tradition, help them memorize twenty-five selected traditions, and teach them how to apply them in different life situations. These traditions deal with the ethical and behavioral aspects of the believer’s life and are presented through situations that happen to the child Hamza with his family and friends.

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Golden Words
  • Who's at the door?

    Episode 1

    Hamza politely knocks on the door, but he does not hear the reply. He knocks on the door again and waits. What does he do if he doesn't hear the back?

  • I Am Ready

    Episode 2

    Hamza has finished his food but is not ready yet, so what else should he do?

  • A sound in the park

    Episode 3

    While waiting in the park, Hamza hears a faint sound behind the bushes. Who is there? And what does he do?

  • Real Champion

    Episode 4

    People celebrated seeing the sports champion in the park, and Hamza celebrated with them. However, this did not prevent him from seeing what was going on around him.

  • Peace Be On You

    Episode 5

    Hamza comes home from school full of enthusiasm and talks nonstop, and asks for food; But wait, did he forget something?

  • If He Sneezes

    Episode 6

    Hamza noticed that his brother was about to sneeze, gave him a handkerchief, and they both learned a nice piece of information about sneezing etiquette.

  • Reaction

    Episode 7

    Hamza plays with his friend, but the playing gets rough when the ball is hit hard. Hamza thinks of a way to respond and finds the best way.

  • At the beginning and the end of it

    Episode 8

    When his mother called him to eat, Hamza hurried without delay, but he forgot to say Bismillah before eating, so what should he do?

  • A ball in danger

    Episode 9

    Hamza is playing in the park and suddenly finds something on the ground. A small nail, but it can be harmful to those who do not pay attention. What should he do?

  • The Clean The Good

    Episode 10

    Hamza spends the day in the park without paying attention to the cleanliness of his hands and clothes, and when he tries to play with his friend, he is surprised by his distance and alienation, what's the problem?

  • Smile
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    Hamza is surprised that friends are staying away from him and the cat escaping from him, but he knows why when he looks in the mirror.

  • Untidy Room

    Episode 12

    Hamza knows that he has to tidy up his room, his toys, and his clothes, so he does it quickly in a haphazard way. Has it become a tidy room?

  • Helper 1

    Episode 13

    Hamza helps his mother set the table, he puts everything on the table, but he knows something is wrong.

  • Book and Colors

    Episode 14

    Hamza likes the painting, he brings the sketchbook and the colors, and he gets to work. Why don't the drawings look nice?

  • Who is best to his family

    Episode 15

    My mother needs help, my father needs help, and the baby too. Hamza feels lazy but knows the right behavior very well.

  • Noise
    Episode 16


    Episode 16

    Hamza plays with his toys and explores new ways to play percussion. Tough noise and Mom calling Hamza, what did he see from the window of the house?

  • Pleasure

    Episode 17

    Hamza plays with his brother excitedly and makes a fuss. The game is very entertaining, but some feel very tired, Children.

  • Helper 2

    Episode 18

    Hamza's father comes home after a long, tiring day, laden with things. Hamza plays and asks for something.

  • I want more

    Episode 19

    Hamza eats a delicious candy, and when he returns home, he finds more candy. All this before lunch

  • Healthy Sitting

    Episode 20

    My mother makes delicious sandwiches for Hamza and his brother. Why did Hamza feel suffocated and food crumbs spread around him?

  • Do not get angry

    Episode 21

    There are many accidents while playing; We may stumble, we may break a toy, and we may suffer, so is this worth our excitement?

  • For you and me

    Episode 22

    On this hot day in the park, Hamza buys ice cream and eats it with pleasure. Is there anything better than that?

  • Guest
    Episode 23


    Episode 23

    Hamza receives his friend at his home, but he likes to have everything as he pleases, which makes his friend sad.

  • Teacher

    Episode 24

    In the beautiful park, Hamza plays and notices the presence of his teacher from afar, but he feels ashamed