Different Shapes

Different Shapes

2 Seasons

In each episode of "
Different Shapes" series, a pencil draws a specific shape, then continues the drawing so that this shape becomes part of a series of beautiful consecutive pictures that the child knows and sees in his/her surroundings or environment. These pictures gradually take colors to confirm the relationship between shapes and the possibility of seeing the same shape in several different pictures... Lines, colors, and shapes harmonize in each of the episodes in a lovely way that attracts the child's attention and enhances his/her artistic creativity.

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Different Shapes
  • A hippopotamus or a pencil?

    Episode 1

    What do the hippopotamus, the watch, the bike, and the pencil have in common? The answer is simpler than we imagine, let us go together to the world of beautiful drawing

  • An amazing bag

    Episode 2

    Is it a bag? Maybe... is it a cake? Perhaps... the artist's painting brush imagined many forms, and you? What will you imagine?

  • A pear and a vase

    Episode 3

    A beautiful musical instrument turned into... and into... and into... What is this shape? It is ... Well, I honestly do not know, could you help me?

  • Multipurpose box

    Episode 4

    It contains potatoes and it contains a clown, it contains clothes and information, what is it? Let us watch this episode so we know the answer to this riddle.

  • Only Two Arcs?

    Episode 5

    We drew one arc, then we drew another one, is that all? of course not... Let us see what we drew too.

  • A Delicious Shape

    Episode 6

    Do you like ice-cream? Come on! eat it up quickly before it turns into another shape... Watch out you are going to fly into space, are you ready?

  • Circles

    Episode 7

    A circle within a circle, a shape that may be ordinary, but the artist's imagination is extraordinary. I hope you enjoy the shapes in this episode.

  • A Fun Drop

    Episode 8

    A simple shape transformed into many other shapes, there are no limits for imagination

  • A Swinging Square

    Episode 9

    It is a little kid, no..no.. It is a toy train in the amusement park. As for the truck, it is... I will not tell you more... Come on! let us watch this episode together.

  • Beehive

    Episode 10

    When we see a hexagon, we remember the bees. However, the painter remembered many other things. What could they be? Can you imagine too?

  • Fast And Slow

    Episode 11

    The snail is slow and the mouse is fast. There is a common shape among these two and the other drawings, let us watch this episode to find out which shape it is.

  • A semicircle

    Episode 12

    I want an umbrella, a wagon, an ice-cream, and a hat, can it be all at once? Of course, let us watch this episode and make sure.

  • My mirror O my mirror

    Episode 13

    Above land, under water, in the sky, all this and more in this episode of "Different Shapes", let us enjoy it.

  • A nice journey

    Episode 14

    Where are you taking us, astronaut? A beautiful journey with this episode of "The Common Shape", at the end of which we will have a cup of tea, let us go.

  • From a penguin to an owl

    Episode 15

    In this episode, we have drawings of a penguin, an octopus, a beehive,and an owl. Do they have anything in common? Let us see..

  • Water water

    Episode 16

    I love drawing so much, and my favorite hobby is coloring. You too? So come on! Let us watch this new episode together.

  • Trapezoidal

    Episode 17

    One, two, three, four sides. One, two, three, four drawings that have a common shape. Let us watch this episode and count together till four.

  • A broken line

    Episode 18

    Have you ever seen a crown on the head of a frog? Don't let this opportunity pass you by, let us watch this episode together, and laugh with the circus clown.

  • What is this box?

    Episode 19

    What could the common shape in this episode be? My heart tells me that in this episode there is a treasure, a mysterious treasure. Hurry up! Let us watch this episode together.

  • From.. To..

    Episode 20

    When we open a door, we may see a beautiful scene. We may see a laboratory, a girl, a big train, etc. What did the painter imagine behind the door? Let us see.

  • Treasures

    Episode 21

    Games and stories are our little treasures. Our hobbies are treasures too. They develop our skills, teach and entertain us. Let us watch this episode and enjoy its drawings together.

  • Shapes and colors

    Episode 22

    Shapes and colors, a pencil and an artist, and in each shape there is a new idea. Let us enjoy together this unique episode of "
    Different Shape".

  • A special episode

    Episode 23

    In this episode there is a present, but it is hidden among the drawings, and because we love surprises, we will watch this episode with pleasure and interest.

  • Where to?

    Episode 24

    We often go on picnics, but today's picnic is different, let us watch this episode and enjoy our colorful picnic.