bah ya bah

bah ya bah

2 Seasons

"Fables of Bah Ya Bah are exciting stories that talk about morals and virtue.
Each episode of the series is an independent story that presents human values and virtuous meanings of life adapted from the world heritage... Every story has a meaning and a lesson... Each episode ends with a cartoon video song that summarizes the purpose and meaning of the story..."

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bah ya bah
  • It's A Jungle Out There

    Episode 1

    The donkey gave up everything in order to save its life, and became a servant of the lion. Will it escape from danger after abandoning its herd, family, and relatives?

  • Caught By A plot

    Episode 2

    After their success in many thefts, the thieves planned the biggest theft in the history of the emirate and prepared well for it.. Fear and a sense of danger prevailed among the people.. The prince heard what was going on and thought.. "How to eliminate such clever thieves?"

  • the needy and the greedy

    Episode 3

    An oil stain on the pants caused anger and chaos, and old uncle Wardan became in an unenviable position... But help came from afar...

  • Burden Of Pride

    Episode 4

    The lazy friends took advantage of the seagull's arrogance, and challenged it to do something that no one can. Its wife felt sad and complained to the wise eagle... The seagull was stubborn, and it would not back down from the challenge. Exciting events and dangerous situations in this episode.