bah ya bah

bah ya bah

2 Seasons

"Fables of Bah Ya Bah are exciting stories that talk about morals and virtue.
Each episode of the series is an independent story that presents human values and virtuous meanings of life adapted from the world heritage... Every story has a meaning and a lesson... Each episode ends with a cartoon video song that summarizes the purpose and meaning of the story..."

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bah ya bah
  • The Ooh & Aye

    Episode 1

    A malicious feudal lord takes advantage of people's work, does not pay them, and, because of his cleverness, he finds convincing arguments to escape punishment. This is what he did with the new young man, will he succeed?

  • The lofty plam

    Episode 2

    The lofty palm tree knew that the secret of its beauty was the fronds with ripe fruits, therefore it decided to keep them for itself in order for its beauty to last, so did its plan work? In this episode, there is a story and a meaningful lesson.

  • A friend from the past

    Episode 3

    A moment in the past was the solution to the disaster brought upon the ship's passengers. In this episode we discover what can change suddenly and in a way no one expect.

  • The Cage

    Episode 4

    The animals of the jungle gathered and planned a strange thing, they decided to reverse the way things had been and change the course of events. How did the hunter end up in court? And what was his sentence?

  • the young boy of the tribe

    Episode 5

    Is there a relationship between age and intelligence? Is there a link between age and good behaviour? In our story, a young child faced a great challenge.

  • mind over matter

    Episode 6

    Reda rushed to help his friends but fell into a well. Also, a bear and a wolf fell with him into this well. Is it possible for our friend, Reda, to escape from such a big predicament? Interesting episode and exciting events.